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I am currently working on raising the funds for my missions trip to Belize. I am going with Rockpointe Church and we are teaming up with Kids Konnect 4 Jesus. Kids Konnect is teamed up with schools all across Belize where they are able to bring the Bible to the schools and teach the Word of God and spread HOPE to a new generation. I am so excited to be part of this legacy team. 

The paracord bracelet I sent you I made by hand in the colors of Belize and can be a reminder to pray for me and the children of Belize. Also, if you ever get in a sticky situation you have 10 feet of paracord! Thank you so much for you support and prayers. 

If you are able to give a financial donation please just click the donation button for PayPal where you can use a credit card or debit card. 

To stay updated on my progress for fundraising for this trip and to see how the trip goes please put your email below. 

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